Questions about making a 6-day lifting routine (skinny 17 y/old male, bulking)

I’m just beginning to workout out of school on my own and I’m not sure how to create the best schedule for me to gain weight and muscle. I do know that I must eat a shit ton and lift heavier with lower reps. Anyways I have a few questions.

1) Should I workout my legs more than once a week (squats, leg press), since they’re one of the bigger muscle groups?

2) I should do arms every other day right? I heard that’s the best thing to do. Also brings me to my 3rd question below

3) When I work arms, should I split bicep and tricep workouts into different days? I know they’re anterior/posterior so it’s OK to do so but I’m not sure what’s most beneficial.

4) Should I be deadlifting already and every week? I’ve worked out at school often and have experience doing it and am confident in my form, but is it safe/beneficial to do so every week?

5) Abs? I’m not sure even how to implement these into my workout – I’ve seen people couple it w/something else and I’ve seen people do them at the end of a normal day’s workout.

6) Supplements? I know these can be very dangerous if I choose a bad brand or take too much, but I’ve heard examples of them working great and wanna try it, but I have no idea which to get and need help

This is my tentative schedule for now, appreciate opinions and recommendations

Day 1. Legs / arms 2. Chest / abs 3. Back / arms 4. Shoulders & traps / abs 5. Deadlift / arms 6. Legs / anything needed 7. Rest

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Why can’t I just eat what I want and not gain fat:(

It’s so hard. I ate good today. I’ve been cutting out all the excess junk I have. I still eat it but not as much. But right now I’m craving

Block of cheese Chicken strips Crisps Kit Kat Lasagne Tea

And I just want to sit down and eat it all. Lol. It’s so hard, normally I Jus eat whatever I want and now I can’t do that. -_- help…

Doesn’t this mean I have to limit myself for the rest of my life… I can’t just go and eat unlimited amount biscuits …

Ugh help..

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